Being Our True Selves

August 21, 2014

Martha Germann
Founder, Mindful Games Institute LLC


“Love this video.” is the message my sister sends me with a link attached.

Trusting that it will be either moving or entertaining, I click the link and listen to Michael Sam accepting the Arthur Ashe Award at the ESPYs.  It’s a moving authentic speech.  He talks about his experience of being the first openly gay player in the NFL and  the support and love he felt from the people in his life.

There is a phrase he makes at the end that really catches my attention:

“Great things can happen when you have the courage to be yourself.”

If it takes courage to be who we are, then who are most of us being and why?

Have we been trained that to succeed we need to go against what feels natural and right and instead be what we have been told is required?  This is so exhausting.  And who is doing this to us? More