I Would Want to Work There

May 24, 2013

Martha Germann
Founder, Mindful Games Institute LLC

I am inspired by the article in the May edition of the Harvard Business Review by Rob Goffe and Gareth Jones on “Creating the Best Workplace on Earth.”

What the authors talk about really resonates with me and what I am passionate about.

Some of the principles they describe in an ideal great place to work include:

Where people are treated and respected as human beings.
Where people are given the opportunity to contribute to something bigger than themselves, something meaningful.
Where people are free to be their best selves and encouraged to use their unique strengths and point of view to move things forward.
That sounds like a place to thrive, not just survive.

I believe this type of working environment is not only possible but a more natural way for us to be creative and productive, and believing is the first step to making it real. I am not the only one who believes this; the article mentions several companies that are putting in the effort to create thriving cultures with encouraging results.

These principles are not just limited to the corporate world; they can make a difference wherever people are working together towards a common goal.

Each of us plays a part in creating the culture in which we work, live and play. Culture is created by all of us, not just the leader or person in charge.

One of the reasons I founded Mindful Games Institute was to give people tools to thrive and create environments where others can also thrive, whether they are an executive, employee, student or a stay at home parent. I am willing to do my part, and this blog is intended to contribute to that effort.

What can you do?

A place to start:

Imagine what it would be like to be thriving in the best workplace in the world for you.

Then believe it is possible.